Luca Badoer

Nationality Italian
Date of Birth 25 January, 1971
Teams Scuderia Italia (1993)
Minardi (1995, 99)
Forti (1996)
Ferrari (2009)
Races Entered 58
Best Result 7th, San Marino, 1993

Still the driver with the most number of F1 races without scoring a single point, even after his two-race stint for Ferrari in 2009. But you don't walk off with the F3000 title at your first attempt, and hold the most prestigious tester's role in F1 for more than a decade without having quite a bit of talent.

Go to our podcasts page to listen to our special Luca Badoer Comeback Edition, recorded on the eve of Luca's comeback at the 2009 European GP.

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Last updated: 17-February-2011

Career Summary
Before F1
1985 • Began racing karts in Italy, 2 wins.
1986 • Italian 100cc karts, Venice champion.
1987 • Italian 100cc karts, Italian champion.
1988 • Italian Super-100cc and International karts, Italian champion in a Birel Sirio.
1989 • Italian F3 in a Trivellato Dallara Alfa Romeo.
1990 • Italian F3, =10th overall, 13 points, 1 win in a MRD Ralt RT33 Alfa Romeo.
1991 • Italian F3, 4th overall, 33 points, 3 wins in a Supercars Dallara 391 Alfa Romeo.
1992 • F3000, 1st overall, 46 points, 4 wins, 46 points in a Crypton Reynard 92D Cosworth.
F1, part I
1993 • BMS Scuderia Italia Lola T93/30 Ferrari, 14 entries, 2 DNQs.
• End-of-season test with Benetton.
1994 • Minardi test driver.
1995 • Minardi M195 Ford EDM, 17 entries.
1996 • Forti Corse FG01 95B/FG03 97 Ford Zetec R, 10 entries, 4 DNQs.
1997 • Minardi test driver.
1997 • FIA GT championship in a GBF Engineering Lotus Elise Turbo and Lotus Elise GT1
F1, part II
1998 • Became official Ferrari F1 test driver.
1999 • Minardi M01 Ford Zetec R, 15 entries.
2000-10 • Official Ferrari F1 test and reserve driver.
2009 • Ferrari F60, 2 entries.

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