Paolo Barilla

Nationality Italian
Date of Birth 20 April, 1961
Teams Minardi (1989-90)
Races Entered 15
Best Result 11th, San Marino, 1990

With the money of the Barilla Pasta Corporation behind him, Paolo had an extensive sportscar career, including a win at the Le Mans 24hrs. In F1 with Minardi though, his performances started great but got worse, until he was eventually dumped.

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Last updated: 14-March-2002

Career Summary
Before F1
1976 • Italian 100cc karts, 1st overall.
1970s • Italian F3 with Ravarotto.
1982 • European F2 in a Minardi M282.
1983 • European (and World) Sportscar Championship, =46th overall in the WSC, 6 points in a Scuderia Mirabella Lancia LC2.
1984 • World Sportscar Championship, 10th overall, 49 points in a works Lancia LC2-84 Ferrari.
1985 • World Sportscar Championship, 7th overall, 1 win at Le Mans 24hrs with Ludwig and Winter, 52 points in a Joest Porsche 956.
• Interseries Cup, 2 races, 2 wins in a Porsche 956.
1986 • World Sportscar Championship, 7th overall, 1 win, 44 points in a Joest Porsche 956.
• Daytona 24hrs in a Joest Porsche 962 with Lanier and Moretti.
• Daytona 3 hrs with Winter and Wollek.
• IMSA, 19th overall, 42 points in a Bridgestone/Bayside Porsche 962.
• F3000, 1 entry, 1 DNQ in a San Remo March 85B Cosworth.
1987 • F3000, 11 entries, 1 DNQ in a Pavesi Ralt RT21 Cosworth.
• Japanese Sports Prototype Championship, 1 race in a Dome Toyota 87C.
1988 • F3000, 10 entries, =17th overall, 3 points, 2 DNQs driving for Cobra, Spirit and Eddie Jordan Racing.
• Japanese Sports Prototype Championship, 15th overall, 21 points in a TOM'S Toyota 88C.
• Sebring 12hrs, 2nd in a Joest Porsche 962 with Winter and Jelinski.
• Nurburgring 1000kms, 3rd in for Joest with Wollek and Streiff.
• Daytona 24hrs in a March 86G with Moretti and Roe.
1989 • Japanese Sports Prototype Championship, 12th overall, 1 win, 35 points in a TOM'S Toyota 89C-V.
• Japanese F3000, =10th overall, 6 points.
Formula One
1989 • Minardi M189 Cosworth, 1 entry.
1990 • Minardi M189/M190 Cosworth, 14 entries, 6 DNQs.
After F1
1991 • World Sportscar Championship, =45th overall, 3 points in a Courage Porsche 962C.
• Daytona 24hrs in a Joest Porsche 962 with Wollek, Schneider and Sigala.
1997 • Ferrari Challenge, 2nd at Mugello.
1999 • Became temporary CEO of the Barilla Pasta Corporation.
2000 • Vice-President of the Barilla Pasta Corporation.
2002 • Paris-Dakar Rally, 8th in truck category in a Mercedes Unimog with Marzotto and Ravarotto.

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