Claudio Langes

Nationality Italian
Date of Birth 20 July, 1960
Teams EuroBrun (1990)
Races Entered 14
Best Result DNPQ
(6th in Pre-Qualifying)
x5, 1990

Langes is the driver with the most DNPQs without ever starting a race. He took the bold jump out of F3000 into F1 for 1990, but he joined the only team which had failed to qualify for every race in 1989. Not a good idea.

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Last updated: 15-April-2001

Career Summary
Before F1
1978 • Italian 125cc karts, 1st overall.
1982 • European F3, =8th overall, 10 points in Trivellato Dallara 382 Alfa Romeo and Anson SA3C Toyota.
• British F3, selected rounds in the Anson, no points.
• Italian F3, selected rounds in the Anson, no points.
1983 • European F3, 9th overall, 11 points in Anson SA4 Alfa Romeo.
• British F3, selected rounds in the Anson, no points.
1984 • European F3, 4th overall, 36 points in EJR and Barron Racing Ralt RT3 Toyota.
1985 • F3000, 2 races in a Barron Racing Tyrrell 012 Cosworth.
• Italian F3, selected rounds.
• Curacao F3000 GP, 3rd overall in EJR March 85B Cosworth.
1986 • F3000, 6 races, =17th overall, 3 points in BS Automotive Lola T86/50 Cosworth.
1987 • F3000, 5 entries in FIRST March 87B Cosworth.
1988 • F3000, =15th overall, 5 points in GA Motorsport Lola T88/50 Cosworth.
1989 • F3000, 12th overall, 7 points in Forti Lola T89/50 Cosworth.
• 1 sports car race in America in a DeBlasi Alba AR9 with Romano.
Formula One
1990 • EuroBrun ER189/ER189B Judd, 14 entries, 14 DNPQs.
After F1
1990s • Possibly raced in Italian touring cars.

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