Nationality British
Years in F1 1989-90
Team Principals Mike Earle
Peter Monteverdi
GP Entries 52
Best Result 3rd, Portugal, 1989

Onyx had promise upon entering F1: decent drivers, a good designer and ready cashflow. But a turbulent two years saw results like a podium 3rd place forgotten amidst backroom squabbles, personality clashes and absurd team management.

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Last updated: 30-Sep-2004

Career Summary
Nbr Grand Prix Car 1 Car 2
Drivers: Stefan Johansson, Bertrand Gachot, J.J. Lehto
1 Brazilian GP, Jacarepagua DNPQ DNPQ
2 San Marino GP, Imola DNPQ DNPQ
3 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo DNPQ DNPQ
4 Mexican GP, Mexico City DNF DNPQ
5 USA GP, Phoenix DNF DNPQ
6 Canadian GP, Montreal DQ DNPQ
7 French GP, Paul Ricard 5th 13th
8 British GP, Silverstone DNPQ 12th
9 German GP, Hockenheim DNF DNQ
10 Hungarian GP, Hungaroring DNF DNF
11 Belgian GP, Spa 8th DNF
12 Italian GP, Monza DNPQ DNF
13 Portuguese GP, Estoril 3rd DNPQ
14 Spanish GP, Jerez DNPQ DNF
15 Japanese GP, Suzuka DNPQ DNPQ
16 Australian GP, Adelaide DNPQ DNF
Drivers: Stefan Johansson, J.J. Lehto, Gregor Foitek
17 USA GP, Phoenix DNQ DNQ
18 Brazilian GP, Interlagos DNQ DNQ
19 San Marino GP, Imola DNF 12th
20 Monaco GP, Monte Carlo 7th DNF
21 Canadian GP, Montreal DNF DNF
22 Mexican GP, Mexico City 15th DNF
23 French GP, Paul Ricard DNQ DNQ
24 British GP, Silverstone DNQ DNQ
25 German GP, Hockenheim DNF NC
26 Hungarian GP, Hungaroring DNQ DNQ

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